RA 8041-Water Crisis Act of 1995

Violation of RA 8041 otherwise, known as the Water Crisis Act 1995 as provided in Rule 5, Section 3 and 5.2 or any fraudulent practice in relation to the water and water system.

  1. Unauthorized/Unregistered Water Service Connection
  2. Unauthorized Water Main Extension
  3. By Pass Connection (tapping directly to the line)
  4. Tampering/Reservation/Illegal Dismounting of Water Meter
  5. Tampering of Gate Valve/Service Cock/Meter Seal/Meter Protection
  6. Double or More than One Tapping
  7. Unauthorized Advanced Use of Stub-outs
  8. Illegal Re-opening of Disconnected Water Service Connection
  9. Unauthorized Use of Booster Pump
  10. Selling Water
  11. Illegal Change of Size Service Pipe
  12. Illegal Change of Pipe
  13. Illegal Transfer of Tapping Connection – Water Meter
  14. Illegal Public Faucet
  15. Unauthorized Removal of Water Meter from Disconnected Service Pad
  16. Unauthorized Removal of Water Meter Seal